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  • What is Lensar Cataract Surgery ?
    Lensar is the Advanced Laser Cataract Procedure (A new level of insight and accuracy) How Does LENSAR improve Advanced Cataract Procedure? The LENSAR Laser System allows more precise Cataract removal procedure that is customized to your eye. Augmented Reality, a unique imaging system provides a reconstructed 3-D view of your eye, allowing for more safe and accurate information in order to help plan and treat your cataract. With Augmented Reality, a surgeon can see everything inside your eye in greater detail. Surgeon can precisely place Laser pulses that effectively soften the cataract for removal, and ensure the appropriate condition for the most accurate placement of your intra-ocular lens. Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya is the 1st eye hospital to offer Lensar Cataract Surgery in Navi Mumbai .
  • Is Cataract Surgery covered by insurance?
    Yes, its a medically necessary procedure and almost all insurance companies cover Cataract Surgery. Financing is also available at Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya Eye Hospital
  • Is cataract surgery safe ?
    Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed type of eye surgery in the world. We have performed more than 2 lakh cataract surgeries successfully. Results vary from patient to patient depending on healing power of an individual. Choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Prajakta Deshpande, who has performed thousands of procedures, will reduce the risk of your surgery.
  • Which lens is best ?
    IOL Refers to Intraocular Lenses Vast selection of lenses : Aspheric IOLs Toric IOLs Accommodating IOLs Multifocal IOLs Monovision Its always preferable to consult with your ophthalmologist regarding the selection of lense. We always recommend to select best lens that will suit your eye health.
  • Which Cataract Surgery is Best ?
    Traditional refractive cataract surgery began with the invention of intra-ocular lenses which raised cataract surgery to a refractive procedure . Laser cataract surgery, an advanced femtosecond laser replaces use of hand-held surgical tool. So its always recommended to get your cataract operated with latest bladeless cataract procedure.
  • What is Cataract?
    The lens in your eye can become cloudy as you age, making it harder for you to see. This natural clouding of the lens is called a Cataract. To correct this condition, a cataract can be removed and replaced with an Intraocular Lens (lOL). This procedure is done one eye at a time. Over the time, Cataract can affect your vision and they may end up limiting your activities and ability to enjoy life. Alike Camera, our Eyes too use lens to focus on an image. If your lens becomes cloudy we find it very hard to view the world. Advanced cataract surgery allows the surgeon to reduce the dependency on glasses or contact lenses. With the latest technology, Lensar Laser System Cataract surgery can safely remove the Cataract and implant a replacement Lens to restore the vision. Get best treatment at Shreeramkrishna Netralaya Eye Hospital Navi Mumbai
  • Is LASIK Safe?
    Yes. Lasik is quiet safe and effective. But there is no surgery or surgical procedures that can guarantee perfect result. As with any surgery or medical procedure, there are possible risks. Your Doctor will give you detailed information about Lasik's potential risks, complications and side effects and you should get all of your questions answered before giving your consent for surgery.
  • Why Lasik Xtra
    Performing Lasik Xtra during Lasik or other refractive procedures like PRK adds new biomechanical strength to the cornea. Added biomechanical strength may eliminate the need for an enhancement following a refractive correction procedure (Lasik, PRK, Lasek, etc.) and may also extend the longevity of the refractive correction. Over 50,000 eyes have been treated with Lasik Xtra round the world and it is now offered in more than 40 countries with Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya Eye Hospital launching this treatment in the Navi Mumbai Thane Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya Hospital offers Lasik Xtra to all their refractive patients, all patients can benefit and it particularly helps high myopic correction or hyperopic correction, borderline corneal thickness; or other conditions or family history that the doctor believes would benefit from added corneal strength through Lasik Xtra. Book a consultation today to find out more about the next generation of laser eye surgery at Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya Super speciality Eye Care in, Nerul Navi Mumbai Thane Mulund
  • Why Lasik at Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya
    Featuring the world's fastest flap creation times, the 200 KHz WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser delivers precise, predictable outcomes. Precision at Every Turn The WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser combines a small focus with low pulse energy and a unique cutting pattern for accurate flap creation2 : Sharp cutting edges Smooth stromal beds Easy to lift flaps Minimized opaque bubble layer Performed over 30000+ successful Lasik Surgeries
  • What is the cost for Lasik surgery ?
    Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya has best in class technologies to operate Lasik. There are multiple options cost of which vary from Rs. 12000 to 1.5 lakh . Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya makes Lasik affordable providing predictable LASIK prices that suite to your eye prescription & surgery needs. You can also avail Free Lasik Eye Checkup & consultation at Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya .
  • Is lasik a painful treatment ?
    You will not feel pain during LASIK because of anesthetic eye drops. Before surgery you may be given a mild sedative to help you feel relax. So it's almost no pain procedure. Ophthalmologist may prescribe pain medication after lasik if necessary.
  • Is Lasik right for me ?
    Generally you must be at least 18 years old, healthy eyes and a stable eye prescription for the last twelve months.
  • What is Lasik ?
    In simple words, Lasik is a laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, is a type of refractive surgery for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The goal of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery is to change the shape the cornea so that it does a better job of focusing images onto the retina for clear and sharper vision.
  • Why Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya Eye Hospital ?
    Internationally Qualified Surgeon / Consultant Served over 8 lakh patients from all over India . Super Speciality Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mulund Fastest growing eye care organization in Mumbai Emphasize on Hygiene & Cleanliness Qualified - Expert - Experienced staff
  • What Should I Bring while visiting an Eye Hospital ?
    Your glasses or contacts (if you wear them). A list of any health conditions or allergies . A list of all medications and supplements you take .
  • What is covered under insurance policies ?
    Most health insurance policies don’t cover routine eye care, but if there is a diagnosis, such as dry eyes or glaucoma, you might get coverage. Vision insurance will cover some routine eye care, but most ophthalmologists (MDs) don’t take part in these plans. Eye Hospital must be empaneled with insurance companies otherwise patients have an option of reimbursement

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